Peak Performance Strategies

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Armand Kruger

He qualified as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Pretoria in 1972.
Since 1978 he has been involved in the industrial sector.

His activities, briefly, were and are:

He was instrumental in launching the insight and skill regarding competence evaluation in South Africa. His work in the field of Peak Performance is Internationally recognized and he consults internationally as a Behavioral Scientist. He is an International NLP Trainer.

Up to 1996 he was involved in an international study in which : The Critical Human Components of Peak Performers were described: 20% (16 persons) of the people involved in the study were American, Swiss and Israeli; 30% were peak performers in England; 50% of the group were white, black, Indian and coloured South Africans.

He consults in a multitude of industries, where he serves as facilitator regarding the attainment of an individual or a group’s full potential. Specifically, he gives input about the effective influencing and management of clients regarding repeat business and the enlargement of their share in the market, changing organisational climate for change and peak performance, and the development and management of Peak Performers.

He facilitates strategic thinking scrums. In alliance with top and senior management, he develops management strategies and ‘instruments’. He develops and facilitates communication strategies regarding influencing and goal attainment. He completed research on the decision strategies for repeat business, indicating that buying and repeat business utilizes two kinds of decision strategies (1994).

In 1997 he concluded an independent and self-financed research project on The Thinking Strategies of some political, scientific and religious leaders. Also in 1997, with a project team from the SAPS, he identified the critical success factors for rural service centers as well as developed a diagnostic instrument to identify the quality of functioning at the centre. In 1998 he explored ways of improving the effectiveness of expert psychological witnessing in South African courts.

He has lectured at the Management and Business Schools of WITS, the University of Pretoria, the Poly -Tech (Bath, England),The University of Potchefstroom (on Master’s level) and the University of Stellenbosch.

Some of his articles on Peak Performers have already been published in various journals, including Successful Salesmanship, Human Resources Journal, Anchor Point (Yellow Stone, CL, USA), Marketing Mix and The Star.