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Armand Kruger

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"Everything we can say about a person, ie. about their competences, their attributes, their personality, their style, The label is the name of a process. It is not a "thing" you now have: then you don't. It is like a (neurological) software-program that runs, or has to be called up."

07 Feb 2007 . 10:37


"This is what minds do. Minds rest in the outcome driven organism called "the brain". We can "get an outcome" or we can design and commit to one that will serve us best. Explore the rules for setting "best" outcomes!" Outcomes and values are intimates."

07 Feb 2007 . 02:56


"When, where and with whom determines the form, the content and the speed at which our brain runs. Talking about a person and their neurological software without specifying the context, is talking about a concept and not a person. We live contexts!

07 Feb 2007 . 02:56